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Grow your Member Base

Growing your member base has not been not easy. Unless you go online. As per Google, the search for fitness has increased manifold. With Clubyantra, you get the power of internet to tap into new age internet savvy customers.

Promote your club online

Proven Marketing tools to help you acquire new customers, retain your existing ones and win-back past customers: all in one place.

Send Referrals

Provide referral bonuses to your members which boosts your sales and increases member base

Promotional offers

Run marketing campaigns using SMS and emails

Deals Integration

Integration with deals websites for getting new customers and convert them as leads.

Earn your Member's Loyalty

A bird in hand is worth two in bush. It’s much better to have one returning customer than two new customers. We give you the tools to ensure that your existing members stay loyal to your club by way of personal engagement. Boost retention in ways never possible.

Class Scheduling

Make group fitness programs better for you and your customers. Schedule classes and notify your members promptly.

Attendance & Check-in

Small details that make a lot of difference in experience for members. Attendance that is easy for members and motivates them to participate more.

Promptly Send Notifications

Send notifications directly to your member’s phone. It’s easy to create, target and send.

Create Rewards Programs

To increase member’s spending, you need to reward spending. Turn all your members loyal, high-paying and deeply involved with your club.

manage a gym

Manage like a Pro

Managing a fitness club gets tougher with increasing members. Clubyantra puts your business in autopilot mode while you enjoy your life. Our collection of tools will help you keep control of your business without any stress. Be it members, staff or your products, we have it all covered.

Power-packed Analysis

Dozens of built-in customizable reports that show a detailed snapshot of your business on a single screen.

Manage Plans and Renewals

Leave excel or paperwork. You and your staff can now easily manage classes, batches, programs, plans and renewals with simple interface

Manage Leads

Now keep record of all new inquiries- easily follow up and simplify sales process

Simplify Staff Management

Now manage your club staffs and trainers with single tap. Check schedules, manage payroll all from a single place.


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